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MEMBERSHIP Your Membership Gives You Access To...

Professional Development Workshops

ColorComm hosts over 100 + programs a year that provide key takeaways and insights to enhance your professional development.

Expanded Network

Expand your network with like-minded women in your industry. With ColorComm you will be connected to a global community of 100,000+ professionals. ColorComm provides platforms and spaces to network across your industry.

The ColorComm Board

Get access to our ColorComm Board. This group of phenomenal and diverse high level executives are actively providing support and insights to our membership base through various initiatives.

Increased Visibility

ColorComm provides unique access speaking opportunities and award nominations. Members will increase their visibility within the industry as we work to amplify women of color in the industry.

Giving Back Opportunities

ColorComm believes in lifting as you climb. ColorComm Service Days are a chance for our members to volunteer and serve local communities, multiple times a year.


Seeking a Job, Got a Job


Seeking a Mentor, Found a Mentor


Got a raise or promotion within the first year of joining


made at least 3 new business contacts

Membership Fee

One-time initiation fee of $250 + $250 annual fee = $500 for the first year; then $250 annual dues

One-time Initiation Fee$250
Annual Fee$250
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